Tuesday, 4 February 2014

T1 W5 Rank the Principles


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    2. Do what you love(Without passion,we will not be able to do things properly with the spirit.)
      Put a dent in the universe(We should have a vision of what is our invention.
      Kick start your brain(Start creating innovative ideas and develop on it.)
      Say no to 1000 things
      Sell dreams not products
      Master the message(Should communicate with customers to know what they want.)
      Create insanely great experience(Implement on the invention based on customers feedback.)

  2. 1)(passion)if you do not have a passion you will not do the thing
    2)(vision)if do not have vision you do not know what you are doing
    3(creativity)if you do not have creativity the work is like a plain paper
    4(know your customer)if you do not know your customer you will create something not realated
    5(communication)if you know your customer want you can communication with your peer to make what to make best
    6(focus)lastly you need to focus what you need to do so that you can finish the project
    7(brand)it is last as it is after you have complete your project then name as if you name too early it might sound weird

  3. Do what you love
    Make a dent in the universe
    kick start your brain
    Sell dreams not product
    Say no to a 1000 things
    Master the message
    create an insanely great experience.
    I put do what you love as the first because without passion, nothing can happen and without vision, there will not be goals.

  4. 1)do what you love- passion
    (even if you have a goal and you want to make a difference, if you have no passion, then you wasted your time doing it)

    2) put a dent in the universe- vision(after you do what you love, you will feel that you want to do something different so that people will know you love to do what you love and to know that you have a vision)

    3)master the message- communication (before you want to create what you want to create,you must know what your customer want so that you can create something to please them)

    4)kick start your brain- creativity (after knowing what you want and your customer wants to have, you have to be creative and surprise them with something new)

    5)Create insanely great experience-Know your customers (after surprising them, you have to know your customers and see if it works with your idea.it is to check if it is ok.)

    6)Say no to 1000 things-Focus (among the ideas you have, you must focus one so that it will be perfect rather that have incomplete works.)

    7)Sell dreams not products-Brand (after making it, check that if you have make your customer is satisfied and make sure the product you are selling is what everybody and you want.)

  5. 1)Put a dent in the universe
    2)Do what you love
    3)Create insanely great experience
    4)Say 'no' to a thousand things
    5)Kick start your brain
    6)Sell dreams,not products
    7)Master the message

    1Put a dent in the universe.If you do not have a vision you will not know what to do.
    2.do what you love.when you do what you love you would give it your all in what you do.
    3. create a insanely great experience.Know your customers so that you know what you are doing is liked by your customers
    6.sell dreams,not products.sell your dreams means to sell something unique from other companies
    7.master the message.so you can communicate better with other people to sell your products

  6. 1. Do what you love, doing what you don't love will result in you not wanting to do what you want to, with passion.

    2. Make a Dent in the Universe, with a vision, you can strive to accomplish anything.

    3. Kickstart your brain, with a wide range understanding , you can derive from past experiences creativity.

    4. Sell Dreams, not products.

    5. Say no to 1,000 things

    6. Master the Message, communicate with your customers.

    7. Create Insanely Great Experiences, know your customers and improve from it,

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  8. 1. Do what you love - Passion

    2. Make a Dent in the Universe - Vision

    3. Kickstart your brain - Creativity

    4. Master the Messages - Communication

    5. Create Insanely Great Experiences - Know your customers

    6. Say no to a 1000 things - Focus

    7. Sell Dreams, not Products - Brand

    I put do what you love first because you need to have passion before doing anything and I put make a dent in the universe second because we should not limit ourself and go over the limit. I put kickstart your brain third because we need to be creative.

  9. 1.do what you love (passion)
    First, we must have the passion to do something first.

    2. put a dent in the universe(vision)
    After having the passion to do something, you will think that you want to do something different from the others. That is called vision.

    3.kick start your brain(creativity)
    Then, if you want to do something different, you must be creative with your ideas

    4.master the message(communication)
    If you tell the people about the idea, you must communicate well to understand the people's thought about your idea and they might also tell something that you could improve on.

    5.say know to 1000 things(focus)
    so, after gathering all the thoughts and ideas, with focus, you have to combine them and make few products but not many.

    6.create an insanely great experience(know your customer)
    after finishing the product, You have to know how customers will like the experience and plan according to that.

    7. sell dreams not products(brand)
    After feedbacks from customers, you have to improve the brand but not change the whole product.

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  11. 1. Do what you love=PASSION
    2.Put a dent in the universe=VISION
    3.Kickstart your brain=CREATIVITY
    4.Master the message.=COMMUNICATION
    5.Say no to a thousand things=FOCUS
    6. create insanely great experiences=KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER
    7.Sell dreams not products=BRAND

  12. 1)Do what you love-You must be passionate about what you do to be the best
    2)Put a dent in the universe-
    3)Kick start your brain-You must be creative to create good ideas
    4)Say no to 1000 things
    5)Master the message
    6)Create an insanely great experience-You must make sure you know what your customer and what he/she wants.
    7)Sell dreams not products-You know what he/she wants, and must give that to them and improve on the product.

  13. 1.Do what you love-You must have the passion so that what you will not find that what you are doing is boring and you will not give your best in doing it.
    2.Put a dent in the universe-You must first have the vision so that you will have a plan and know what to do
    3.Kick start your brain-you must have creativity so that your idea will be unique
    4.Say no to 1000 things-you must focus only on one thing instead of 1000 things because you might end up with nothing accomplished
    5.Create an insanely great experiences-you need to know your customers well to know what they really wanted so that they will not end up with something that is completely useless to them.
    6.Master the massage-we must then communicate with the customers to know what they want.
    7.Sell dreams,not products-Lastly you must use all your time and passion to make your brand a success.

  14. 1.Kick start your brain=You need an idea to fuel to spark and change everything
    2.Do what you love=Have the passion to do what you do best
    3.Put a dent in the universe=Create a new idea that will astonish everyone
    4.Master the massage=Learn what your customers want and overcome from failures
    5.Say no to 1000 things=Focus on only the best product and develop it
    6.Sell dreams,not products=Make your brand recognisable by developing the best products
    7.Create insanely different experiences=Your customers buy your product to make their life more comfortable,making dreams possible

  15. 1 Do what you love
    2 Put a dent in the universe
    3 Say no to 1000 things
    4 Kick start your brain
    5 Master the message
    6 Create insanely great experiences
    7 sell dreams not products

    Without the passion is like doing something that you are not willing to do as a result not improving your product to the fullest,and with vision u will be able to accomplish anything,by focusing u can concentrate more to improve it better,then being creative u can come up with improvement not already created,next by knowing how to communicate allows u get along better with the customer, and finally to work on your brand .

  16. 1. Do what you love(You must have the passion so you will not give up so easily)
    2.Put a dent in the universe(have a vision, know what you want to do)
    3.Master the message(Knowing what the customer wants will help you as you will not create products that people won't use)
    4.Create insanely great experiences(get ideas or mix ideas from the experiences you can get)
    5.sell dreams not product(Be imaginative, anything is possible)
    6.KIck start your brain(You have to know what customers want before coming with one final idea)
    7.Say no to 100 things(Focus on 1 thing only one at a time, do not do so many things and get messed up)

  17. 1)Do what you love
    2)Kick Start your Brain
    3)Put a dent to he Universe
    4)Create insanely great experiences
    5)Say no to a thousand things
    6)Master the messages
    7)Sell dreams not products

    1)You have to do what you love to succeed something.Therefore;i have ranked it first amongst all the principles.
    2)Next you have to Kick start your brain to think of different ideas that would make peoples life easier.
    3)Next you have to put a dent in the universe and see how well your idea would work.You have to think of how it would aid peoples lives and see whether it works or whether your customer will be impressed when he sees it.
    4)Next you have to create insanely experiences by going around to different places and letting your customers know the list of things that you are intending to invent and let them tell you their responses by letting us know which item they feel would aid their lives the most and how they feel about the product and letting them suggest to us some improvements and telling us how it would aid their lives better with the improvements
    5)You have to focus on the idea that most people voted the mod and dart working on it
    6)Next you have to master the messages by remembering the different suggestions of the product most people voted for
    7)Once your done inventing the product you sell their.By completing all the principles in this order you are actually selling the dreams of your customers.(You are selling the product the way your customers thought off it to be.)

  18. 1. Do what you love. If I don't have the passion to do something, I might not be very successful in my intentions.
    2. Put a dent in the universe. I must have a vision of the change that I want to see .
    3. Kick start your brain. I must think out of the box and come up with something interesting.
    4. Say No to 1000 things. I must have a focus to succeed.
    5. Master the message. Communicate with your customer and know what they want and also consider what they want.he message.
    6. Create insanely great experiences. I know what my customer and should now have created what they want.
    7.Sell Dreams, not Products. I must make sure this products allows the user to use it freely like a dream.

  19. Do what you love - You will only become very successful in something when you like to do it

    Put a dent on the universe - To have the vision

    Kickstart your brain - To make something unique and creative.This can be done by getting some inspiration from other successful people

    Say no to 1000 things- Focus on one thing

    Sell dreams,not products - You must make sure that the product must be something that fulfils the customers needs and even wants

    Master the message - To have gotten the customer's opinions on something

    Create insanely great experiences - There should be something different in a good way about your brand such that the customer fells like saying 'Wow!'

  20. put a dent in the universe

    do what you love

    these are two important saying. Without them nothing will be done

  21. I fee that both do what you love and put a dent in the universe is rank first as nothing succeed without passion and vision.
    the following ranks:
    Kickstart your brain
    Say no to 1000 things
    Master the message
    Sell dreams,not products
    Create insanely great experiences

  22. 1st: Say No to 1000 Things ~ I think this is the most important as you have to concentrate on just one thing at a time. If you are not focused on what you are doing, you will end up with many, but bad products that only per form maybe one function each.
    2nd: Do What You Love ~ You might de well at something you don not like, but you will not be as enthusiastic about what you are doing and might not put in your best effort.
    3rd: Put a Dent in The Universe ~ You must have the mindset to make a change that have an everlasting impact, instead of just something random that is not important and does not change people's ways.
    4th: Sell Dreams, not Products ~ Your aim must be to impact your customers' life and not just a normal tool that is rather similar to other stuff.
    5th: Master the Message ~ After making your product the way you like it, you must have some opinions from others about how you can improve the item, so that more people will be interested in it due to its functions.
    6th: Kickstart your Brain ~ Gather inspirations all around you, from people reviewing to other successful people, their experiences might be crucial and important to you.
    7th: Create Insanely Great Experiences: Shock people, put a dent in their mind, let them leave awestruck... If all of the above have been done, it is no surprise people will be interested and amazed by your product.

  23. 1)Do what you love( If you do what you love, you will put in more effort to do it.)
    2)Put a dent in the universe( You need to have the vision to know what you are doing.)
    3)Kickstart your brain( You need to be creative and not copy ideas from anyone.)
    4)Say no to 1000 things( You need to focus on what you are doing.)
    5)Sell dreams not products( You must aim to fulfil the customers needs.)
    6)Master the message( You need to think how to improve on the product)
    7)Create insanely great experiences( You need to keep it simple and not too complicated.)

  24. 1) Do what you love - Without any drive or determination to do , you would not even put in intentional effort to even carry out the other Principles.
    2) Say no to 1000 things - Before you try to make your work "better", you have to focus on it before you even "Kickstart your brain" or whatever. With focus you can do the other principles better.
    3) Kickstart your brain - Once you are focused you are ready to be creative and improve
    4)Sell Dreams, not products
    5) Master the message
    6) Create Insanely great experiences - You are selling dreams ; it does not fall in priority to putting a dent in the universe. On top of that, probably only an insanely great experience would be even accepted as a "better thing than the others"by people
    7) Put a Dent in the Universe - you are doing what you love. This does not mean changing the world in any significant way.

  25. 1 - Kickstart your brain - It drives you to create your dreams first, so they can be worked on later
    2 - Do what you love - Putting in passion increases the urge to make it more successful
    3 - Say no to 1000 things - Saying no blocks out other suggestions which may divert your attention from your project
    4 - Sell dreams, not products - Instead of releasing a full un-upgradable product, release something customers can work on. So in a way, they help you to advertise your product by showing what modifications can be made to it.
    5 - Create insanely great experiences - Open a wide range of available modifications for your product and make it look simple, it will increase the customers need to buy it as a simple look will make them feel it is easier to customise it to their need.
    6 - Master the message - By mastering the message, further ways can be thought of that makes your product better but still retain the simple look.
    7 - Make a dent in the universe - Change every persons life including yours by making your product unique

  26. 1. Do what you love ( If you have a passion for something, it will drive you towards achieving it)
    2.Kick start your brain( You have to start creating ideas to move on )
    3.Say no to 1000 things ( You have to have clear mindset and should be able to pick and reject the right things )
    4. Make a dent in the universe
    5.Create insanely great experiences
    6. Sell dreams not products( You should be able to capture the customer's attention by giving what they want )
    7. Master the message ( Last but not least, you should be able to master the message by being able to correct failure and give the people what the want